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???? 7 years ago
what's her name?
Duke 10 years ago
Her milky flesh filled filled with black man meat.
To: 100% black 11 years ago
You are not doing what you said you are doing. You are just sitting around with your brothers drinking 40 oz of malt liqueur and talking about the next convenient store you're going to rob.
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first place second place 11 years ago
Oh yeah, check out all those first place black countries to live in, like Zimbabwe, Haiti, Somalia, Sudan. Those places are just amazing. Of course blacks do rank number one for lowest IQ, lowest standards of living, drop out rates, crime, etc.. Truly something to be proud of.
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By all standards of beauty, they are generally considered the ugliest race with lower facial protrusion that resembles apes. They are obsessed with extremes, which explains why they have the biggest lips, the biggest asses, and the widest noses. They tend to fuck indiscriminately and in the most base ways, not thinking of their potential offspring.
why black people suck 11 years ago
Where are the great people in black civilization? Where are the great advances? No Leonardo, no Shakespeare, no Mozart, no Einstein, no Aristotle...the list is endless. Instead, black civilization offers us some people living in mud huts banging on gourds and eating bananas.
why black people suck 11 years ago
Everywhere blacks gain political power soon turns into a hellhole. Examples: Haiti, South Africa, various cities in America (Detroit being the best example). America in general has been on a decline since the '70's or so--coincidentally the same time blacks gained more and more power.
NewTheory 11 years ago
Im black, I have to say the problem is with Jamaicans, they're loud, rude, and so vulgar. New problem is Africa, nuke that fking continent already and stop waiting for them all to die off
why black people suck 11 years ago
I mean, look at what black culture thinks makes someone really cool: getting away with stealing, murdering, taking drugs, sex with anyone at any time, fathering babies all over the place but not sticking around, not educating oneself, sitting around and not working. Wow, such high aspirations.